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Event Massage

A fun pampering treatment is a pleasant experience for everyone and anyone will surely find at least one type of treatment they can enjoy. Therefore, the combination of a massage during a special event will make it a memorable one and would leave everyone with a smile. Dream Massage will come to you at any time or place and can be perfect for any event. You can create the appropriate atmosphere even in your own home. Our team will arrive with all the equipment that will turn a regular room to a place of comfort and relaxation using scented candles, incense, music and other surprises.

Family & Friends Events

Many of us are looking for something a little more exciting, fun and interesting to "spice up" a family or joint events like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette party etc.. Our team will be happy to come to you, whether it is your home, a cabin or a villa and provide a magical experience for all the participants. This will transform a "nice" event to an extraordinary time! The participants will leave with the feeling they have experienced something they longed for but never had the time for.

You can make the massage the main event or have it in a separate part of the house, so other activities can continue uninterrupted. This will be a pleasant surprise for the guests only when they arrive to the treatment area.

Indulgence in The Work Place

Special "fun days" at work are the ones you wait for all year. How about going all the way and surprise your employees with real FUN and not another nature experience? Rest and pamper your employees and ensure they have recharged their batteries. The Dream Massage team would come to the work place or the event location and will give every employee the real relaxed time he or she deserves. You can bet they will appreciate this greatly! If this is a big event you can hire a team of therapists or you can have a few each time per department.

Research shows that motivating your staff is one of the key elements for a successful and profitable business. Initiating these kinds of events will benefit both the people and the company.