Take a moment to relax from your hectic life, take a break from routine, stay at home for a quiet and peaceful hour, an hour of pampering your body and muscles, to relieve physical and emotional blocks, to let your breathing regulate itself and fill you with new energy for the rest of the day.

Dream Massage therapists come to your home or workplace with all the required professional equipment so that you can take an hour to relax from the pressures of the day. Our professional therapists are skilled and trained in various massage techniques, tailoring the appropriate treatment to the patient, according to his or her needs, physical condition and preferences.

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A gentle and cuddling massage. By pouring 2 litres of warm sesame oil on the body, the tension level drop and the mussels become relaxed.

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couples massage at dream massage

Couples Massage

The ultimate gift for your loved ones and for adoring couples. This is a slow pampering treatment to give you a relaxing sensation.

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swedish massage at dream massage

Swedish Massage

The skin is lubricated with warm massage oil in full awareness and it treats the muscle and skeleton system in the right strength and pressure needed.

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reflexology at dream massage


By applying pressure and massaging the sensitive and delicate areas located mainly in the feet, reflexology treats and affects the whole body.

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face and scalp massage at dream massage

Face & Scalp

A pampering treatment focused on the face, scalp, neck, throat and shoulders area. It releases tension and offer a refreshed sensation.

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thai massage at dream massage

Thai Massage

A dynamic and moving treatment meant to increase flexibility and athletic abilities by stretching the limbs and increasing the joint movement.

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Combined Massage

An "as you wish" treatment that combines a few methods. Usually it integrates a number of elements from the Swedish Massage with others.

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Deep Tissue

Focuses on the deep tissues of the body and the muscle in order to provide physical balance and release areas with energetic blockage.

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Hot Stone

Invigorates energy flow by using the heat from the stone. The heat penetrates the deep tissue and organs and has a powerful influence on the body.

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